Friday, April 9, 2010

The Situation

No this post is not about 'Jersey Shore", although we have taught the kids the fist pump.

A lot of people wonder what our "situation" is. I mean, the About Me kind of covers it, but there is really so much more.

My husband's company asked us to dock the RV and move to Duluth. I am still unsure of why, but I am going to go out on a limb here, and say it is because they don't know what to do with us and need to save some money.

On the one hand, we are set up in a "corporate apartment" in the Central Hillside, which is THE GHETTO. I love walking around the neighborhood while people play "Let's sound all violent and scare the white lady with the kids."

No I am not afraid. Mostly because I bottle ALOT of rage and have been waiting for years for someone to throw the first punch. Waaaaaaitiiiing! (I sang that.)

We have one bedroom. It is Madee's bedroom, and we take turns sleeping in there with her.
There is also a crappy twin mattress on the floor of the living room, so whoever doesn't get inthe big bed that night gets to lay on it and listen to the cops and ambulances and neighbors yelling, and in between that, whenever Eden wakes up crying in her playpen in the living room, "floor mattress parent" gets to deal with that.

Can I get a woot woot? I have been floor mattress parent 2 nights in a row.
Don't get me wrong, Boom Boom puts in his time and more.

This is not our ultimate goal, living here. But it gets me closer to my ultimate goal, living nearer to my family.

And for my selfish wants, I agreed to live like this, not even knowing what "this" is.

For the most part, I am all, "What?", because remember folks, before this, we were living in an RV (my bed was way less comfy than the floor mattress). Oh and the baby was waking EVERYBODY up then so this is not so bad.

On the one hand, I feel privileged that they are paying our rent, and that we have a place to live at all. I know there are many mommies out there who don't even have the internet, and I was one of them in the RV, so I am grateful for that.

So that is it. That is my situation. I would hate to say any more, because I hate it when I say things that come back to bite me in the ass. But if you know me at all, you know I NEVER RUN OUT OF THINGS TO SAY (unless I hate you).

SO my further silence is part self control, and part knowing my lack of self-control.

But Y'ALL, well y'all can say ANYTHING. You can say the things I can't say. And I am begging for you to be honest right here and right now.

I am praying that at least one of my internet/blogging/photography projects will one day be a saving grace for our household, but for now, I just have to teach my kids how to make the best of a situation, how to love each other in too little space, and how to love and work with what you've been given.

Even if it is basically the finger.


GlutenForPunishment said...

Wow. You're a better woman than I am. Not sure if I could do it. But I suppose we do whatever we need to in any situation. And it sounds like you've got a great family and you're making the best of it. But, yeah, gotta give you credit for it all -- especially the "floor mattress." Hang in there. (BTW, I'm from Minnesota -- the Twin Cities -- and I had no idea Duluth was so sketchy ...)

Anonymous said...

Duluth has its own little sketch

Anonymous said...

I think I remember sleeping on the floor Wednesday night. BBVD

Maniacal Mom said...

That's a tough one. I live by the motto "I can do anything for (X amount of time)"
Not that it's ever ideal...but sometimes the sacrifice is in the fun. I think that in exchange for rent...I could do and stay just about anywhere...SAFE. if the place you are staying isn't safe for you or the kids I would be outta there faster than you could say foeshizzle...or whatever they say.
Can you move in the same place but a safer area? I am trying to convince hubby that moving in with my mom and her asswad husband is the best option. Saves us money and we rely on them a lot for baby sitting as we both work shift work. Not ideal but will save us some money and put me at ease when we are working.

Family Sized Fun said...

BBVD that was tuesday - but you do it ALOT and i love you for it.

MM we are safe. as long as i keep this red hair and this rage. i am totally trying to move next door to the rents. - you heard that dad, there goes the neighborhood.

Gluten - you have to live downtown to know, i have walked through gang rivalries 3 times. NOW I JUST RUN THEM OVER WITH MY SUV

Emily said...

We have a one bedroom with three kids. We have a loft that the kids use as a bedroom and a converted attic space for their nursery. You will probably be here forever because the market sucks and we will never be able to sell.

So, it may not be the same, but I understand to a certain extent. Pick your goals and go for them. Hard work never goes unrewarded.

Family Sized Fun said...

oh em,
i fell for you
our house is in foreclosure
and is worth less than 1/2 of what we owed and couldn't afford.

and it is haunted
so i don't miss it
not one bit!

thenextmartha said...

Love the term "Floor mattress parent" which doesn't even sound that bad. There is something about sleeping alone that just works for me at this point in my life. Hope that you are able to make steps in your lift to get you closer to what you want. Good luck.

BrerMatt said...

I'd be happy to live communally Blue Like Jazz style with you and Boom Boom and your Muppets if you are able to follow the yellow brick road back to the City Beautiful.

I'm sure we can find jobby jobs for you guys.

Remember that you all are loved.

Anonymous said...

Can you move your situation a little closer to my situation? I want my WHOLE family together again...
but you guys rock, seriously. I don't know a lot of people who have the patience/determination/drive you two have to make it all happen. I love you all the more for it! big hugs from your littlest.

Family Sized Fun said...

unh, y'all
like, double fistpump to the heart
and a peace sign to my homies in o-town

freaking sweet
that would be so rad

fistpump OUT THA WINDOW!
we'll be home before ya know it!

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