Thursday, April 1, 2010

Boom Boom's Dream Girl

So, one day when we were living in Tahoe, Boom Boom woke up from the wierdest dream.
Or was it?

Imagine, pillow talk - it must have been awhile ago...

BB: So I had this dream that we went to the ski hill, I think we were in Canada, and we were in line, (blah blah blah this is where I should mention that I have a "condition" and Boom Boom talks alot and I tend to tune him out. But the gist of this part of the dream is, something about money, and we were arguing our ticket price or something.)

me: Typical.

BB: ...and this girl is behind us, and she pipes in some sort of opinion on our matter, as if it has anything to do with her, and you turn to her and call her out, saying "Hey mustache! Nobody asked you!"

me: So, in your dream, I totally called some lady "Mustache?" and then was gonna fight her?

BB: Yup.

me: THAT is what you think of me?

BB: Yup.

me: That's just HAWT.

BB: Yup.

me: I am totally gonna start calling random people "Mustache".

BB: I thought you'd like that.

Oh you have NO IDEA, buddy. Why didn't I ever think of that?


Anonymous said...

That was a great dream. Wonder what ever happened to that hot mustache.

Anonymous said...

I recently starting calling mt mother in law "Wallet" after she harassed me about wallet sized photos of my son. My husband is also joining in, and we love it.

*Tara* who bought your high chair

Jaime said...

Oooooo I love it. EFF you MUSTACHE face!

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