Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If I Had 500 Dollars

Last night was a rough one. First of all, after what seems like waymore than what's my fair share of nights in the big bed with Madee, I was floor mattress parent.

And Eden was up. all. night.

She must be going through a "frequency spasm" as she is eating and drinking anything and everything that isn't nailed down. So not only is she constantly seemingly starving, she ia also screaming about what ever she is processing from eating before.


So on a morning like this, I can't think much. On a morning like this, I pull out this book my Auntie Teri gave me, (Simple Abundance by Sarah Bern Breathnach)and although I don't really get to it everyday (it is a "daybook"), when I do, it always seems relevant to my struggle for that particular day.

And today, it went on and on for 2 pages of this story and that story but all I got from it was "go get a massage" (or your hair done, or a facial or WHATEVER)

Oh, and "Snuggle your kids. Even if they kept you up all night."

Good book.

So today, as my weepy whiny children who need a little more sleep and a lot more warm sunshine laze around the house, I am going to look up at-home spa solutions and probably rub everybody in the house down with lots of lotion.

I thought I would scour the internet and have a "If I Had Money I'd Buy" kind of day. And perhaps tomorrow's "Wordless Wednesday" will be filled with pictures of the things I found and wanted.

Lately I have been wishing I had $500 to spend here. We were fortunate to adopt this little fella in Arcata, CA at the cutest little toy store named Geppetto's. He is a bed bug.

Later when we checked into the motel we were staying in, Boom Boom said, "At least he won't be the only bedbug here tonight."


You can see is well-loved and worn. But I think he might at least need a friend. Like Herpes or The Mange. (I mean Bedbug, not Boom Boom!)

Here's my bedbug. Look at that hair fresh from the shower. She isn't that cute at 2:30 I PROMISE. :)

So if you had $500 what would you spend it on? Keep in mind I want to know what you would buy for yourself and yourself only, no gifts, no presents, no donations, just pure unadulterated retail therapy.


Alena said...

I *did* have 500 dollars and girl I shopped and shopped and shopped. I bought a couple pairs of jeans, a couple dresses, tops, bra's, shoes. It's been almost 2 years since I've been able to shop for just me and me alone. And it was nice, even though my husband had to FORCE me. And I won't lie, I bought stuff for Sophia too.

Katherine Klegin said...

If I had $500...I'd buy myself and my husband a whole bunch of new clothes. We both need a wardrobe overhaul.

I honestly wanted to say I'd put the $500 towards a lens for my camera, but I figured I should probably share some with the hubs.

Family Sized Fun said...

in THIS world, your hubs gets his OWN $500
so sweet of you to think of him, though!

Nichole said...

If I had $500 to spend, I would buy an onscenely expensive pair of jeans and some luxurious face cream. With a 5-month-old and a almost-three-year-old busybody, a little luxury would feel like a bit hug.

Family Sized Fun said...

true religions and some la mer face cream.
are you reading my stinking mind?

Rachel said...

I would buy myself clothes. Specifically boots and sundresses that will fit when I'm no longer preg. I'd rent an iGo car for the day so I could go visit my friend who lives too far for me to take a train to, considering my due date is tomorrow. I'd go out for sushi, and ice cream and maybe buy myself some jewelry with whatever money I had left. Even if that was a lot of money. I'd be ok with that.

Anonymous said...

I would buy several pieces from Modern Bird Studios! I want some of the kids plus the hubs and I! That would make my entire life!

Marcy said...

My friend is a 6th grade biology teacher, she has a bunch of those little bugs and viruses in her classroom. =P

Hmmm $500? I might have to buy myself a tripod. And one of these camera bags:


GlutenForPunishment said...

Not answering your question ... But my son has some of those germ stuffed animals like the bed beg. And two summers ago he saw a new one in a gift shop and begged to have it. It was green like a booger. And that's what germ we told him it is. The booger germ, of course. But since that day, we've actually been the proud owners of chlamydia. Stuffed, plushy chlamydia. We're so proud.

Hang in there ...

GlutenForPunishment said...

That's "bed bug" of course ...

Mona said...

I would totally get a new laptop. I really need one for all this internet business and my major is network administration and web design, so a brand new one would be sweet.

neagan, the pretend writer said...

i would get a camera where $500 is the down payment so i can do vlogging hanywheres

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