Monday, November 29, 2010

Home Made Christmas Cards

Every year, I am shocked at how much Christmas cards cost. I have been known to buy up Christmas cards in the days after Christmas sales, but last year, as I pulled down all the Christmas cards we received from friends and family, I had an epiphany.

I mean, they were SO CUTE but I wasn't really going to keep them all, was I?

And then I thought I would keep them all. And use them to scrap together Christmas cards for this year.

I KNOW! Let's all praise my brilliance! And thriftyness! And creativity!

Okay you can stop now. Now I am just getting all blushy.

All you have to do is these simple steps, and YOU will have unique Christmas cards too!

Step 1: Save last years Christmas cards TO you.
Step 2: Cut out the cutest parts of said cards.
Step 3: (This one has variations.)
************use an old pack of blanks greeting cards laying around the house, or
************buy a package of blank (inside and out) cards with envelopes from a craft store, or
************use cards stock to make and fold your own to fit envelopes you have or buy.

Step 4: Find colorful scrap paper for backgrounds.
Step 5: Cut some more.

(An aside...I love cutting with scissors. Like, LOVE IT. I love the tension and the sound and the motion and the cutting. I could cut paper all day long. The first time I had time alone with scissors, I also cut my sweater and a chunk out of the middle of my bangs. This was 3rd grade or so. I was shocked that people noticed. I guess it wasn't so subtle. P.S. I still have issues hacking at my own hair with scissors. Also? My best friend is also my hairdresser and she has a 6th sense and calls if I bring those scissors towards my hair. It kinda creeps me out.)

Step 6: Tape or glue pieces on papers on cards until you have something that resembles a card.
Step 7: Pat yourself on the back. You just did something special and creative and EVERYBODY knows that home made for the holidays is SPECIAL.

Now let's googoo over my adorable cards...


Now all I have to do is add some words of holiday cheer! Leave me a comment of what you would write as a message on your Christmas cards. I will pen it out and send them out the door!


CaraBee said...

What a creative way to reuse cards!! I have a huge pile of old cards, too. I think I see some craft card making in my future!

PS - I am also a cutting addict. I also enjoy exacto cutting things. I think it's a precision thing.

RJ Flamingo said...

See? That's where I'm really lame. I can't cut a straight line or a circle - even with a template! - to save my life. Also? Cute holiday sentiments are beyond me. Ask my former coworkers who were on the receiving end of clear snowman ornaments filled with mini marshmallows & a verse about snowman poop, one year.

g6scrapped said...

very cute! Reminds me again that I really need to get on making my cards, I should do that today.

The Corbett Kid. said...

i did buy cards this year, but after opening all my christmas bins, i found all of last years cards - andi must have had the SAME INTENT as you... you're creeping me out a little twinsie. so ya, i may do a mix of the two this year.

oh and i love the card with the rabbit. i'd be framing that one up and keepin it.

Leah said...

Love it! I have also recycled cards for gift tags. Just punch a hole and put some ribbon through! :)

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