Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How My Garden Grows

It's kind of a BIG THING around here. Walk in the door and Madee will take you by the hand to go show off our garden.

Am I the only one who had never grown stuff (much less kept plants ALIVE) but dreamed of sharing the beauty of cultivation and nurturing and harvesting with their kids?

Because watering these little guys with my kids makes my heart melt all over the back yard.

And I have totally gotten to know each one of these little plants as they have struggled to establish themselves.

The heirloom tomato (Mr. Stripey) that has always been strong. The cherry tomatoes I bought in a group of 4. The 1 of those 4 that is so much smaller than the others but continues to fight for his little life.

My banging brussel sprouts because DUH the veggie everybody else seems to complain about is the heartiest.


The lavender that is really only for making me happy.
The _______ I am growing especially for someone special's Christmas or birthday present.

I love my garden. like really really love it.
It is an extension of my motherhood.
I help things grow.


Jennifer said...

This was the first year in a while that I did not grow vegetables. It was amazing how much time I realized that they take. But I love it.

Family Sized Fun said...

apparently we get 2 growing seasons here
so i have a chance to redeem myself if i fail miserably
so far so good
not like i have seen anything edible yet

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