Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Stuff

It was an awesome garage sale weekend. And by awesome, I mean gorgeous outside. I have several things on my "want this second hand" list, and a bedframe for Eden is loosely on that list.

Madee loves her bedframe, and since we took the slats out and put the mattress on the floor, she still feels the safety of being "in" something while she sleeps.

We took down her crib today because she doesn't stay in it anymore. And as funny as her flipping out of it is, it probably isn't safe.

Oh, and after going pee pee in the potty 2 times this morning? This little girl is just ready for a big girl room.

This is the only bed I found. Needless to say, it doesn't fit her style, but WOAH. If I had a boy, this could have been his throne.

I also found some super cute dresses this weekend. 2 of them are all 50's housewifey and polka dotted. One of them (not pictures) makes me feel all Lucille Ball.

But this one?

Might get me a spot on Mad Men.

And the girls and I pulled out the Christmas stuff this weekend to at least get started on our Christmas cards and wrap our heads around what else we can do to get a jump start on the holidays.

Then we ran to Michaels, where Madee picked out all the pieces for our holiday wreath. And the kid has great taste if I do say so myself.

What are you doing to get ready for the upcoming holidays?

Are you making your cards? Crafting presents for people? Have creative ideas for the kids to make decorations?


Andrea said...

Whoa! Go gilr with you bad self. Cleavage and Christmas decor in November. You're rockin it!

Marcy said...

Cute dress!

I *should* be buying gifts ahead of time, etc. Instead I'll probably procrastinate until this baby is born, and no one will end up getting a single gift from us this year.

Other than super-adorable pictures of the new baby, that is... ; )

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