Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Seriously folks, Wordless Wednesday? I think not. This kid has me speechless.

This kid can talk. She will repeat back to you anything you say. With conviction and perfection. She says so many words and strings them together to make up to 4 or 5 word sentences. She knows what it is. WHATEVER it is. And it will leave you in awe. I know this because I go around picking people's jaws up off the floor every other minute.

She is clearly brilliant.
But she doesn't yet reason.

In fact? She gets unreasonably mad. She throws herself to the floor. The theatrics with this one? Good Lord get your trophies out, people, because this little girl is going home with every one of them.

Also? I can't keep a diaper on her self proclaimed "POOPBOTT". And every time I turn around she is butt naked, saying "POOPBUTT" and I am all, "EDEN! WHERE IS YOUR DIAPER?!" and she goes and gets it, and I say, "But you gotta wear it on your POOPBOTT!" And she holds it up to her waist all, "Like this?"


Sometimes I put these kids down at the same time and try to take a nap. And yesterday I am drifting off to sleep and then I hear "POOPBOTT POOPBOTT POOPBOTT" coming down the hall, and I am all, "I just put her down, that's not funny Boom Boom." And then I am all, "Boom Boom?"

::cue freaky scary movie music::

"Duh? Am I still dreaming?"

But no, not dreaming, Eden is standing right in front of me. And Boom Boom hasn't moved from inside his office, ear glued to the phone.

Scary, right?

Hold me.


The Sears Family said...

Thank you for this. Best laugh ever! Oh man are you in trouble! ::Hugs::

Anonymous said...

I am likely biased and definitely broke, but is this worth sending to AFV?

LCW @WakingUpWilliams said...

seriously lady you have your hands full and did you give them Miracle Gro, they're so healthy and big and well adventurous! love it.

Anonymous said...

omg.. I love her!! That is great!

Anonymous said...

Ha. Hahahahhahahaha. I met you and your kids for 5 minutes and all I can say is pray. Pray sister. To whatever. For whatever, but just
&^(#*&$# PRAY!! LOL So cute and funny, and I agree with the AFV, who doesn't need 10 Grand?

~Tara in Duluth~

jq said...

That was awesome. Love her to death. Miss you!

Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points said...

And they get to my kids' age and they can break into locked rooms with a coat hanger.

it's all downhill from here.

Raising Madison said...

LOL... That is hilarious!!!

Katherine Klegin said...

Hahahaha I feel bad for laughing at her, but that is hilarious. Have fun now Mama!

kris said...

OK, I never click on video.

But I clicked on this one.

How cute is she?

Good lord.


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