Monday, February 22, 2010

Booby Says "No."


Definitely a subject I have felt MANY FEELINGS about. And of course I agree it is best when it is an option, but I also think very healthy happy babies are raised by other means.

And after 9 months of this, and almost 3 years now of being pregnant or nursing, I am SO DONE.

Only Eden isn't. She doesn't even want to consider life without booby. She has even been saying "boobeh" for months now.


She hasn't found her "thing".
She will roll around in my arms, which is a task to hold on to at 23 or more pounds, doing this alligator death roll thing trying to pull my shirt off or suck through it, and even though we are consistently down to "only at night" nursing, she is relentless in her quest. She is constantly pawing at me, and I hate to say this out loud, but I cringe when she does it because I am SO physically overstimulated and I just want my body back for myself.

I just really think my relationship with everybody in the house would be better if she would just move on.

Madee gave it up at 6 months, and quit "cold turkey" and the aftermath (hormonal changes and headaches and mood swings) were probably the worst part of my entire birth and new baby experience with her. I just remember it being a devastating situation for about 2 weeks until everything evened itself out.

But as Eden lingers, just barely hanging on to what nipple she can get, the process is drawing out. She isn't sleeping, I am not sleeping, I am having 3 headaches a week, AND, WELL, EVERYBODY IN THE HOUSE IS SUFFERING.

And there have been moments when I tell her it is over. That she may never see that booby again. But eventually I give in to her pitiful squeaky little cries.

She just can't quit me.
So what do I do?

There should totally be a resort that specializes in this - nannies for the babies to help them through the self soothing and disappointment and a spa for the mommies as they rehab the girls...

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