Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If I had money...

I'd likely not have it for long!

Click the photos if you want it too!

1. Instax Camera - it's like the Polaroid of the future.

2. Giddy giddy hair bobs. Even if the girls won't wear them.
3. I want this. I am not even really sure what it is other than awesome.
4. ANYTHING from this Fusion Brands place.

5. I would totally rock this shirt.

6. This chandelier is ridiculous and fabulous and over the top. I'd buy 2.
7. This little ring is so simple and beautiful.

8. And, LASTLY, any of these little pretties would also look great on me.
Only at this price I COULD HAVE ALL 3!

What's on your everyday wish list?

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