Thursday, February 25, 2010

Top Stories at Family Sized Fun

- Little Shiloh Jolie-Pitt wishes she had Madee's hair (and almost does!)

- Charlie wishes he had Boner's hair. How creepy would that be for me? Some of you know what I am talking about!

-Madee stood up from her potty, and turned around to face it and pee like her Dad. Priceless.

- Charlie makes fun of how I say "yahoo". But I bet my mom says it the same way!

- We are officially half way through our stay in Duluth.

- I go here every day for inspiration.

- I really really want these in grey, but I am already starting to think more about Southern California and how I won't need another pair of boots once I am there.

- Madee loves her weather board. We amended the Rainbow card to say "Partly Cloudy: Chance of Rainbows" Madee wants the weather to be that card every day.

- Blades of Glory comes on ABC on Friday night, and if this doesn't get you in the mood, nothing will!

- Charlie watches figure skating and ice dancing with the same critical eye he watches football. C'mon girls, join a team and give Daddy something to coach!

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