Wednesday, February 24, 2010

On Day 2 of Cold Turkey

This is torture.

But I have thought so many times how much I wished I had already done it weeks , if not months ago, and the only way I can stop thinking that way is to buckle down and just do it, right?

It just isn't easy.
She is SO pitiful and grabby and screamy and sad without booby.

I told her yesterday.

"Kid. That's it. We are done with booby. I know it seems unfair. I know you want a choice. But later in your life when you really really want something that I don't want you to have, I will march right out and purchase it for you anyway just to make up for this."

And then I told Charlie the deal. I am sure he will be sure to bring up my promise the minute she wants a dirtbike or a puppy or a senior trip to Italy.

But for now, there is a great disappointment to be dealt with.

Any time she gets anywhere near me, she just presses her face into what ever body part is closest and tries to latch or bite - usually a leg or a foot, since she is kind of a floor dweller. She is also totally crawling with both knees now, and just chasing me everywhere.

It has been a rough 36 hours.

But in 2 weeks, hopefully I won't be crying in the middle of the night wishing I had known the strength to do this now, because it will be done.

This will seem a distant memory, and she will be screaming about something else.

Day 2.
And pretty much 4 out of 4 of us are losing it.

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