Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Birthday Girls

My little sister Emily turned 23 last week, her birthday and Eden's are a week apart. So, we get to celebrate together! Weeee! But she wasn't quite as messy with her cake as Eden was.

First of all, here are both of my sisters and my dad. The girls don't usually look this much alike, but I had to post this one because they almost look like twins.

Haha! Cake hole twins!

Nanner sanwich, anybodeh?

Eden uses ketchup as lipstick.

Eden shoves Madee's head into the cake.

Opening presents...
Do you see our new couch? We got it off of Craiglist for $65 bucks and I swear it is my FAVORITE couch I have EVER had.

The Birthday Girls

Hooda guessed? Eden loves cake!

You got a little something on your...NEVERMIND!

Happy Birthday Ladies! Love you to pieces!

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