Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pretty Settled In

Most of the boxes are unpacked now. We still have a small pile of "what do we do with this?" and we will be adding a few more pieces of furniture and rearranging what we already have, but we are settled in to our new home and we are all very comfortable here.

I love love love the floor to ceiling windows. It keeps everything lofty and light and makes me feel like I am walking through the pages of a decorating magazine.

I am home.
Eden is also home. She is very happy and over-adorable. Seriously, she could tone it down.

Every room in this house is my favorite room. I love the Florida Room. What's Florida without a Florida Room, anyway?

And the terrazzo floors are amazing. They help keep everything light and cool and other than being super hard floors on impact, they are (any guesses?) MY FAVORITE!

And I love this kitchen. I could do a cooking show in this kitchen. In fact, I pretend a cooking show on the daily right here in this kitchen.

What a great window.

Please, bring me your dirty dishes. I can handle anything while gazing out of this window.

Did I mention "HAPPY" ?

What about "adorable"?
Need more milk Mom.

And here is the big picture of our main living space.

I am hoping to find a big farm table for our dinners.

And did you see my ABC wall?

I love it.
Still gathering letters, but I am sure you can see where I am going with this...

And no house would be complete without a little feline love.

There are actually 2 of them and they are about 12 weeks old. BOYS. Outside eeeows as soon as they are old enough. Until then, they stay in the bathroom, and if Madee wants to play with them she has to go into the bathroom, tell them to "go potty" and go potty herself.

So far, there is a rising interest in pottying.

I know, stupid and genius rolled into one.


BrerMatt said...

Can't wait to see you all decorated and stuff! Next time, we get together, there should be less heat and sweat and dirt.

meagan, the pretend writer said...

hunny! yay! looks great. where's my room?

thewifeychronicles said...

Looks awesome! You should do a big tour when it's all
done. & at least now she will potty and you don't have to throw her room away.

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