Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some Picture Catch Up

Surprise surprise! I am locked out of another laptop and with that, some pictures of Eden's birthday celebration in Green Bay.

::sad face::

But I do have some recent pics to share, and these first to roll out are of the actual day of her birthday.

In her Bee suit.

Eden is surly like a pirate.
Sometimes this bee can sting you.

But give a kiss and she will turn it all around. She is the happiest baby I have ever met. 85 % of the time.
And oh those lips and eyelashes and curls. She has such a romantic look I like to just look at her.

::again with the sigh::
Anybody wanna nanner sanwich?

Cutie Pie Bee
She nods her head yes or no to everything, and she is very much the little communicator. She is adorable and smart and funny (SO FUNNY!) and snuggly.

Mostly she is snuggly.

She can stand on her own and rise up with nothing to hold on to, but just doesn't trust her foot to step.

She is close.
She also has her very first room.

She LOVES it and is such a good sleeper now.

That was my crib. It was used for my sisters too.

::rainbow and butterfly vomit goes here::

I hear her calling me. I think she's hungry.

She is always so happy to see her sister in the morning. And she is always eager for the after time-out kiss, hug and apology from Madee.

Also, she can climb like a monkey and pull herself and hang on things much like a little leech.

Don't look her in the eye. She'll suck you in.

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