Sunday, June 20, 2010

A New Focus

There are so many aspects that go into an interest/hobby/career of photography. And since I got started, I have dabbled in lots of different subject matter, but something keeps calling me back to pets.

I have just always loved working with animals, and I will make out with strange dogs just walking down the street, so it feels really good and right, and like a puzzle piece that fits.

I spent Saturday with Ono at her groomer, working on a little "gallery opening" project I have been working on.

And although Ono wasn't crazy about modeling (or receiving) services, I am pretty sure this is the best idea I have had in a while.

These ladies work HARD. I mean, I think some people think they drop their dog at the groomer to be hosed down as though in the back yard, but these ladies clean these dogs inside and out, top to bottom, five ways til Sunday.

This is Max, one of the owner's kids.

He has been waiting for a girl like me to lay down in front of him for a while. He had LOTS of kisses for me.
GORSH, Max. You can kiss me with that mug any day.

And Gidget? She a tiger of a model. High fashion, low maintenance. Just like I like them.

I just don't know if she is cuter wet or dry.

Yep. she really is as sweet as she looks.

And Matilda? Don't get me started.

Come up and see me some time, big boy.

Waiting around at the doggie salon.

Cooper. Great eyebrows on that guy.

And OH LAZARUS, give me back my heart.

Happy camper.

Phyllis Diller

Their most gossipy client.

China was such a clown. And a ham.

I love her. She reminds me of our old Zoie.

Gorgeous Leo.
And China again.

I just realized, laying in the dog hair, taking my licks and getting my clicks, this is my thing.


mrs.notouching said...

Oh gawd.. that was cute overload! And totally awesome pictures too.

Anonymous said...

I am your biggest fan...and stalker.

Family Sized Fun said...

is that you eden?

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