Tuesday, June 15, 2010


OH MAH GAH yall!

Where have I been?

Well today is the first day our DSL is working. And, you may remember the laptop issue I was having, and I could only get online with Boom Boom's computer, and his laptop is so fancy it just sees me coming and shuts down.

I am not even kidding. It is self preservation and I can totally see where it is coming from.

Here are things that have happened:

* big move
*Eden turned 1Blogger: Family Sized Fun - Create Post
*Madee got a bike
*we found a church we love
*we have made fwends
*we have reconnected with old fwends
*we are hoping to introduce you to some new fwends soon!

In case you totally envy our RV, know that it is now on the market as we have finally found a place to settle and call home. Email me at onomoriah (at) yahoo.com if you want to know more info.

I will be getting some pictures on this old dinosaur laptop we uncovered in the move. I can't wait to share about all our newness.

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