Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Japanese Cole Slaw

First of all, I can't be sure this recipe originates in Japan. That is just what we called it at this little deli I used to work at. Also, I didn't have the recipe, just what is left of my hole ridden mommy brained memory.

But it turned out fabulous and I just know you can make it too.

Maybe you are wondering if this recipe calls for bacon. It doesn't. That is just a bonus option - if you are like us, then EVERYTHING is better with bacon.

First of all, check out my garden.

It was established before we got here by someone far better at gardening than I am, so I was privileged to make this slaw with the most locally grown vegetables I have ever prepared and served.

And, you guessed it. That really made it so much more satisfying. Oh, also, my family came over for dinner last night and I got to feed it to them.

So it was pretty much my cheffing fantasy!

Here is where the green cabbage came from.

And here it is in action.
I got the red cabbage at the grocery store. But I wasn't judging it.

Ingredient list:
green cabbage
red cabbage

juice of 1 lemon
sesame oil
vegetable oil
rice vinegar
soy sauce

2 pkg ramen noodles
sunflower seeds
sesame oil
olive oil
Maybe you noticed I didn't exactly give amounts. Oh well. I don't do amounts. But I can give you guidelines and you can still make this work.

First, you want to sliced up your veggies and mix them together. Cut your cabbages in half top to bottom, place them flat side down and slice them at an angle.

Also, you can just buy carrots shreds and eliminate the peeling and julienning.

And collect all your veggies in a big bowl.

Oh, this topping is the best part. Sorry I missed a couple steps in photos, but here is what you do.

Break up the Ramen really well in a skillet and drizzle with olive oil and sesame oil. NOT A LOT OF SESAME OIL. A little goes a long way. Add chopped almonds and sunflower seeds.

Over medium heat, you want to brown the noodles and nuts and seeds and sprinkle the Ramen flavoring, stirring all the while.

I know mine looks a little burnt, but it was still delicious. The flavor pack and the sesame oil help the color, and you want it a little dark.

Now pop that stuff into a paper towel lined bowl and get all the excess oil off. You can just put this to the side as you make your dressing.

So, super important point. MAKE YOUR DRESSING IN ITS OWN BOWL. You are working with some tasty stuff here, and you can ruin it quickly, so trust me when I say don't add the slaw til your dressing is perfect. You can start over if you biff it up.

And that is the kind of commitment I can live with.

You want to start with about 1 1/2 tbsp each of sesame oil and vegetable oil.
Then about 2 tsp of rice vinegar.
A couple of shakes of soy sauce.
Salt and pepper to taste.
Juice your lemon, and add a tbsp of honey.
Whisk it together and taste.
It should be a little sweet but also tangy.
You may need to add more honey.

Taste it again.
Move forward.
Add stuff or start over.
Depends how weird it tastes.

When you have it perf, drop the slaw in and toss.

I always store the crunchies separate and add them as I serve. The topping is really the best part so if you don't mete it out, someone is going to skank them all with their first scoop.
***It is not their fault. This topping is THE BOMB!

Also, Your slaw may last in the fridge for a couple of days, and you don't want soggy crunchies. That just defeats the purpose.

Anyhoo, The hubs thought it was great with this Turkey Club sandwich, then came back later for seconds on slaw with extra crunchies AND bacon.

This is such a perfect summer salad, especially for picnics since there is no mayo involved. Serve it up and thank me later, this is hands down the best slaw I can offer you!


The Panic Room said...

that looks yummy. More shots of plates of bacon. Now... get your butt outside and weed that garden :)

Family Sized Fun said...

HAHA! how embarrassing!
i better clean it on up out there!

Genina said...


RJ Flamingo said...

Very nice! Faving your tweet so I can find this later to make!

thenextmartha said...

This looks incredible. Awesome! I will be making this soon. I'll report back.

brermatt said...

If we're keeping score for recipes, we'd fail, because we suck at math, but maybe:
Cabbage + Bacon + all the other yummy stuff = win.

Anonymous said...

Best lunch ever...I am your biggest fan...and stalker.

El said...

Yum! My friend Erin made a version of this once....yum-o! Now I can use your recipe and make it myself! Looks so good and fresh!

Jerseygyrl said...

I don't like cole slaw, but I LOVE bacon.. Can I just have the bacon??

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