Monday, May 16, 2011

Beach Days....

Oh they are a coming!
12 days until we move to the beach house!

How cool that we can play there for an hour without having to worry about a drive or packing up stuff!

See these little boys in the background?
They stole my kids' cool red shovel and bucket.
They weren't vacationing.
They were locals.
They will get an earful when I see them again.

In the meantime? 12 days till beach days are every days!


Adrienne said...

Getting in the car and driving my ass to Florida so I can play on the beach and squeeze Godzilla baby cheeks all day long.

I wish! That looks so awesome. Except for the bucket thieves. Beach hooligans!

The Corbett Kid. said...

i'm tired of sweaters and socks. i'm coming to visit.

Family Sized Fun said...

i am so waiting for BOTH of you.
2 of my favorite internet people EVER!

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