Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Lately, staying at home is BAD so as soon as I can get us going in the mornings, the better.
Lucky me! , too! because guess what has two thumbs and is NOT a morning person?
This girl!

Not to mention it is SO HOT that we need to get to the playground long before noon because the playground gets the ouchy-hots and we have to come home for lunch anyway.

Except sometimes I get enough sleep and pack a lunch early enough that we have our own.

And the past 2 days we have playgrounded and splash parked totally randomly, yet happily together with another couple of girlies just 6 months each older than my own.

So that's a playgroup, right?

(I hope it counts as a playgroup!)

Here are some pictures of Pooder and Piggy's playgroup.
They have some ridiculous cutes.
Oh the love!

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Emily said...

These are precious pictures of your kitties!

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