Thursday, May 19, 2011


They grow up SO FAST.

I love pictures like this one.
It illustrates how soon they start to run away from me and towards their own futures.
I want the best for them.
I also wish they could have stayed babies a little longer.

I mean, this bracelet? not a baby bracelet.

Oh, E. Don't grow up. Mommy needs you here, cuddled up to her middle and playing with her hair.

"Why ME? What did *I* do?"

Ha. First vacation picture at a whipping post!

They are really becoming a "team". Often an opposing team to the parent team.
Cute and annoying - their specialty.

Eden puts this little fairy crown on her head and says, "Wook at MEEE! IMMA PWINCESS!"
Then I die of the cuteness.

Shhhh. This is not a REAL shark. But the kids don't know.

Pwincess and the Daddy.
Too much cute for one mom to bear.

Thank GOD they get tired and revert to being my babies again. For NOW, at least.

Oh Madee. Don't ever stop being Mommy's baby.

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