Monday, May 9, 2011

A Mother's Heart

I won't be getting all sentimental here, but, dude, I am one lucky mother. I tried to get the kids to start calling me "mother", and the sweetest thing all day long was Madee periodically remembering and then saying, "Happy MUDDERS day" throughout the day.

They just grow up so fast.
Madee is pumping her legs on the big swing now, and it blows my mind as she learns to do things without needing my help.

Watching them grow up on the daily, everything happens SO fast and wears me out, so that I sometimes don't realize how much is happening.

Then I look back at last Mother's Day and the one before that and I have to catch myself to keep from crying at how fast everything changes.

Because it really just changes SO FAST. 2 years ago, Eden wasn't even born yet.
Last year they were both still my babies, and now? they are little girls.


Oh these two. They are my heart. Ferocious and unyielding and all that is unicorns and rainbows. I have put everything I am into these 2 little people for that last 4 years of my life, and people?

Sometimes it still feels like that isn't enough.
They deserve EVERYTHING. Every chance, every hope, every dream, every love, every little last bit of every little thing in this world.

And I am so lucky to be able to give them everything I can.
Especially my love.

And oh, do they have every little bit of that.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Mudders Day! You are a wonderful mommy :)

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