Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Totally Beachin'

You know, in 10 days, it will be Memorial Day Weekend, and we will be making our first memories as beach residents.

10 days.

::head pops off::

The other day I found the cutest (way too expensive) second hand store that is EVERYTHING that is beachy keen.

It really put me in the mood, and I just thought I'd share the inspiration I am having for our new space.

I just love all the white washy weathered paint.

pretty mosaic mirror

I want to make these little starfish garlands as seen in the windows. I really can't live without a few of them.

I love sea glass. And things that emulate the colors of sea glass.
These lamps are gorgeous.
I want to put our collected shells in that box.

Pretty little dishes.

When we secured the house, we bought the dining table that was already there.
I love it.
But I might love THIS one a leetle more.

I may have to blow up this picture for my wall.
Madee is really into starfish.

Get me some spray paint, because I'm about to go hog wild and EVERYTHING in our house.

And don't you worry about my little hot glue gun. I might have to upgrade to some bigger and better for the "glue shells/sea creatures on it" rampage that is about to commence.

Even the birds are gonna go beach crazy.

Because, DUH! How cute is THAT!

What do YOU think I should glue shells on? Any recommendations for some cute decor ideas on the web? Link me your pictures!

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