Friday, October 1, 2010

16 months

16 months old today. Only half a month away from how old Madee was when she got here.
And now? They are the thickest of thieves, the worstest of frenemies, the bestest of friends.

I read somewhere yesterday that having a sister makes you a happier person in the long run.

I certainly hope so.

Go ahead. Poke that little Buddha belly. Nobody's gonna stop you.

She amazes me daily with the things she says.

I ga poo poo
whur daddy go?
nice kiggy.
hey buddy.
lubboo sistcher
clap clap clap
shoes (she is obsessed with shoes!)

And I love how she kisses anything she loves - sister, kitty, mama, daddy, any toy she just found.

This kid will break out in laughter that a dead man would laugh at. She is beyond funny, super sweet and cuddly, and taking over the world.

She will also throw tantrums that will blow your mind for any object she wants but does not have access to.

16 months. Going on ALL GROWED UP.
I almost can't handle it.


Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points said...

Umm...not doing this to be mean, but just to remind you how amazingly precious this is...

Read my post yesterday:

And I never put links back to my blog.
But just this once.

The Sears Family said...

I want to squish her wittle cheeks. Like really want to. So freakin cute and she has SO many words.
Oh and I need to see them in Lady Gaga...DO it!

emily bilbrey said...

happy 16 months to that beautiful kid! she is a delight. truly.

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