Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Garden of Eden

Of course it is for Madee, too, but "Garden of Eden"?
Easy Peasy.

It is even decorated a little bit for Halloween.

And here is the cabana in all it's sandy glory. They like it.

And by like I mean they aren't playing in it as much as I expected.

But I think it will soon be a more regular thing. Plus I can say "Go outside and PLAY" and they have more to do.

Or, rather, alternate things to do than pulling tomato plants (which they think are WEEDS) from my Garden of Mama.

It's a little beach oasis in our own back yard.

Even Zeus thinks it makes a great backdrop for supermodel shenanigans.

Mama's baby brussel sprouts perched on a high chair.

I think this will be the next area I embellish with enchantment. I think it needs a garden arbor or a secret gate or something to make it a "Secret Garden" for playing with fairies.

What would YOU do to it to make it more magical?


The Corbett Kid. said...

more wooden chairs, painted different colours + some tiki patio lanterns = magic.

Anonymous said...

First, your lazy husband needs to get back there and clean-up a little. A clean slate will help your creativity run wild.

From - your lazy husband

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