Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Great Pumpkin

This is going to be our first BIG Halloween.

Madee's 1st Halloween was in Tahoe. She was a skunk. (Only the cutest little stinker ever! Go see these pics!) We went to a trick or treat with a friend of hers and to our local Baby Gym for a Halloween Party, but I am thinking she doesn't remember it as she was 10 months old.

And then last year? Well we went to a Fall Festival at an AWESOME pumpkin patch with the girls, but we were in Half Moon Bay with Uncle Cousin Brody and Eden doesn't remember much, she was just 4 months old.

But this year? they are both walking, talking, dressing up little fools, and I am so excited about the whole enchilada.

Last night we went to a pumpkin patch for some pictures. My kids were the prettiest pumpkins in the patch, but boy do I really love these funky pumpkins that are all the rage this year.

In going back through last year's Halloween pictures, I found this post about "if only I tweeted" which at the time, I didn't even really know what twitter was, and was still several months from being a part of it. I just thought that was funny. If you are one of my twitter friends, please go read my pre-tweets!
Anyhoo, this year, Madee is wearing her Snow White dress again, and she is pretty stoked about it. I made her a special headband just like Snow White's and she also has some new Chucks so her feet should really be able to comfortable cover serious territory.

Eden is going to be a bumble bee.

We have had that costume for quite a while too, but it is so cute I just want to get a litle more use out of it. I can't wait to show you the pictures.

But for now? Take a look at these.

This scene right here? Gets me all choked up. This gorgeous guy holding the hands of 2 darling little girls. I dreamed of this.

My dreams came true.

More funky pumpkins.

Eden has this whole "storybook character" look and she really gives some good face for picture time. I mean, she will barely look at the camera, but she looks so forlorn in a random pumpkin patch and I love it. It screams "Fall Catalog".

"Hmmmm. Which pumpkin is the one for me?"

"I love this one."

Pumpkin Kiss
Dad chilling out watching younguns run around a pumpkin patch.

I mean, I LOVE this guy.

This is the only picture I got of the 2 of them, because Madee spent most of the time running around with new friends. When we pulled up, her window was down and she screamed out of it "Oh HEY FWENDS! I'm HERE!"

Anyhoo so, yeah, nice goofy faces for the sister pumpkin pic. But these are my kids. They are super GOOFY kids.

1 of 2 pictures she sat still for. Wearing her Snow White headband, no less.

More funky ones.

I finally got her to look at me by singing "twinkle twinkle little star". She can't help but stop in her tracks and make her hands "twinkle" every time.

We have all sorts of fun stuff on the schedule, including about 10 places for trick or treats in the next 3 days.

They are in the bath now, readying for a costume and some candy begging at the YMCA, then we will go to the Spooktacular Sea World trick or treat and hook up with their little best friends.

I think I will be taking the good camera to Sea World today...

Have a safe and Happy Halloween weekend, y'all, and I can't wait to see all the costumes and fun you have!


Boy Crazed Momma said...

Love her kissing the pumkin! And all of the funky pumpkins. I <3 them!

Raising Madison said...

your girls are just beautiful!

Dayna D. said...

these photos are great!

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