Tuesday, October 26, 2010

That's Incredible

Ya know? Living in Tahoe was pretty amazing. I mean the mountains and the lake and the views from up tops and the blizzards and the sometimes waking up to 10 feet of snow? AMAZING.

But not my kind of amazing.

I wanted to come back to where I came from.

There is just all this stuff that I felt like I was missing. The beach, my parents, the theme parks, the weather.

I knew I really wanted to come back.

And it is easy breezy days with the kids all my myself at Sea World that really reinforce that for me.

I love hanging out with my kids and watching them see new things for the first time.
The things I remember seeing for the first time when I was a kid.

Who knew? The gypsy has a thing for tradition.

(I also have a thing for this dude's mustache. AWESOME.)

I mean what kid wouldn't want wild dreams about this crazy bird lady swinging around?

This is the first time we caught the whale and dolphin show, and let me tell ya - it is INCREDIBLE. By far the best show that Sea World has going on. Mostly because the trainers are still in the water with these guys.

This is a False Killer Whale. He is just this gorgeous streamlined shadow of a thing and his routine is like WOAH.

Each set of animals have their own designated trainers who wear different wetsuits. One of this guy's trainers was an obviously pregnant lady.

Um, so cool random pregnant lady. SO COOL.

This is his other (unpregnant) trainer surfing him.

Yeah, that's right. SURFING him.

I think I want one.

And the dolphins? We see dolphins all the time on the way to the beach or at the beach even, but I have never seen the wild ones do this:

Umm, he got like 20 feet of air that time.

Anyhoo. Gotta run.

I told the kids we would go back today and try and catch that new Shamu baby in action...


Anonymous said...

Damn, that is some serious air...and mustache.

The Sears Family said...

Ummm. Seriously, you are the coolest family. I want to come be your neighbor so I can come along for the ride! Oh and you are a Hot Mama!

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