Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wild Girls

Good Lord y'all, these TWO!

Not only am I pulling double shifts at the playgrounds, but at night too! I seriously don't know where they get all of their energy (and toddler angst) but I do know where they get all the attitude!

Seriously. I want CALM and SERENE. They have something violent against CALM and SERENE.

We are at am impasse.

TIME TO PARTY! (ride that ladybug, cowgirl!)

It seems since Eden has learned to walk (and run) that I have been going nonstop and in every direction just to keep up with them.

I ride them around in the bike trailer or walk them in the double stroller DAILY and still I am gaining weight.

It has been over 2 weeks since I have slept through a night, and even if they don't wake me up, I wake up and stare at the ceiling for a while nightly.

Coming off the Prozac has been a miserable feeling for my body, and I have been feeling a little down on myself. The good news? I have been feeling better about the kids, and still feel like PPD has left the building.

But the building seems old and outdated and worn out, if you catch my drift.

I so need a vacation or something.

These two are the sweetest. have I mentioned how I could kiss their little fishy kissy lips over and over ALL DAY LONG?

It is also so sweet when they kiss each other.

As much as they burn each other's butts? They are really developing a true love for each other.

Of course, mostly they fight and hit and pinch and scream at each other. And then tell me "NO" when I try and separate them for quiet time.

I am really hoping they grow out of that.

In the meantime? I think I will call in the babysitter for a little break today.


Anonymous said...

Call the mermaid to come watch the kids. you.

Jamie (@va_grown) said...

Motherhood is the ultimate in "crazy-beautiful life" isn't it? I usually feel like I've earned my first break by the time breakfast is over! :) Great pictures of great moments.

Miranda said...

Such cute girls...even if they are making you a little zombie-ish! Hope you get some sleep soon!

Family Sized Fun said...

haha i was just saying out loud today (to myself because THAT is where i am at right now)how i was going to go as a zombie since i already have the costume and all! (and THEN i laughed real hard because also? HERE I AM.)

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