Tuesday, October 19, 2010

1st Birthday Party: Green Bay Part 2

If this doesn't make you want a cousin, then nothing ever EVER will.

These 2 were such a hoot at Eden's party. They are 7 weeks apart, and every time they get together they "get" each other more and more.

Here they are doing some crazy dance routine they made up.

Too cute.
Watch out, Rachel, Madee's gonna GET YA!

Who ME?
Romping around.
I am so excited that they get along so well. How cool that one day they will be in High School talking about their crazy parents and "that one Christmas when..."

Jazz hands.

Gimme a smile ladies!

Do the dance!

Cousin love. As I was going through these pictures, Madee was hounding me over my shoulder:

"Madee go see RACHEL! Mom, come on! Let's get in the car! Let's go see RACHEL!"

"Honey, we can't go see Rachel right now."

"Rachel come HERE and stay with Madee at Madee's house!"

"That is a very good idea, let's ask Rachel's mommy!"

We may not see Rachel very often, but Madee knows she is family since we see her again and again. We can't wait for summer cousin swaps.

It is gonna be some crazy party up in here.

Cousin kiss.

Of course I think we will need to soundproof Madee's room if Rachel comes down, because no one will ever sleep for all this dancing and laughing.

Especially these two.


Anonymous said...

I bet Rachel's parents would send her for a week or two.

The Corbett Kid. said...

the last picture: priceless. look at their faces! haha. aw, besties

Jessica Van Derven said...

yes, Rachel's parents would love to ship her off for a week or two. :-) Great pics!

Family Sized Fun said...

me and the girls will meet you half way!

Jami said...

So cute! They will ahve a blast together!

DanaSearsFam said...

OMG. Like you weren't already making me cry cause of the cutness. Three wittle girls. SO CUTE.

g6scrapped said...

Looks like they have so much fun together! What cutie pies!

erin said...

My daughter is the middle of 3 cousins all born in January of 2010. Unfortunately, we're spread out, but we get together for Thanksgiving. I can't wait to hear the stories they swap as they get older!

Jaime said...


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