Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hope You Have a Minute

We haven't even officially gone Trick-or-Treating yet!
First, let me take you for a little walk down memory lane.
October 2008

Madee was almost 11 months old. It was cold, so she dressed as a furry Skunk.
She was too cute for words.

Dad and his stinker.

And her 1st Pumpkin Patch shots? In Apple Hill, California.
Lisa was there.
It was such a beautiful warm day that we had to pull her shirt off so she didn't get all "hot and bothered".
Madee, not Lisa.

I look so young. I am also pregnant with Eden already in these pictures, so we ALL started celebrating Halloween as a family that year.

Flash forward
October 2009

Apple Hill again.
Photo courtesy of Uncle Cousin Brody.
Aaaaaaahhhhh the "Tahoe Years".

When Snow White was brand new and complete with accessories.

But Oh! What pumpkin do I see in yonder light?

I have to pick myself up from the floor that this was just last year.

October 2010
And this is now.

Madee and her "game face".

Snow White again, minus fancy earrings and weird white thing at the collar, but plus custom headband and poison apple, and black Chuck Taylors.

Why so sad, bee?

We hit up the YMCA for a special Trick-or-Treat session on Friday. A "dry run" if you will to get them used to begging for candy.

Madee LOVED it.

Then we ran home and grabbed Dad and went to the Sea World Spooktacular Trick-or-Treat Extravaganza.

There were lots of costumes and games and candy and fun.

Madee caught a catfish.

Look! the 2 of them in 1 shot!

I finally understand why people say she's the "Bee's Knees!" Meaty little bee's knees. We may never take this costume off of her!

I am thinking Madee is hoping this will NEVER end.

And it almost DOESN'T.

After Sea World we head to the pumpkin patch to hook up with Madee and Eden's besties.
Costume change for Eden.

The P-man.

He is Madee's absolute fave and they love to do ANYTHING as a team. It is precious.

And a great thing about the P-man?
His hunky little brother, Ryland.

Everybody has a partner!

Okay, so that was FRIDAY.
Yah, no, I am not even kidding.

Stay tuned...we did this crazy stuff all weekend.


Dana Sears said...

Wow the time flies! Such great pics again. I love the chubb all over Eden's little legs. And seriously from 1 year to this year, she became a little lady!
Maddy looks so cute as Snow White, love the little earrings.

Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points said...


Wonderful photographs and totally nibble-able children.

And I've been to Apple Hill! A cousin got married there. Gorgeous!

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