Sunday, October 3, 2010

Little Lady Tea Party and Pumpkin Painting

Our little friend Ava came over the other day, so Madee and I set up a little backyard tea party, while Eden finished her nap.

The girls loved pouring tea. I even got out my "good china" but I think I will start collecting a special set from garage sales and thrift stores to pull out for tea parties in the future, cuz mine is decidedly boring.

A little gossip over the tea cakes.

"That girl from Mama and Me did wha...?"

Welcome to my tea party! Bunny is already here!

And when Tea Party had lost its newness, we busted out little white pumpkins and finger paints!


I think you missed a spot, E.

What is this stuff?

It was fun for Mommies AND kiddos!

We had a great time welcoming fall with new decorations and themes for fun!
What kind of crafts have you been doing to get the kiddos into Fall?


Anonymous said...

To cute!! We are going to paint pumpkins this year too!

The Sears Family said...

Oh my Goodness. You are such a cute Mom. And painting pumpkins is a great idea! I can see the girls really enjoyed it!

The Corbett Kid. said...

painting them IS such a great idea! you have sweet little girls.

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